Thursday, February 08, 2001

Why the fuck are these things called ''Blogs''? it was probably made up by some gay piss ant Englishman. ''Have a Blog mate''. haha. Nah, I'd probably want the guy for saying that. You know me and accents, sigh. So what's up today? I'm listening to BSB right now. God they're all ugly but one. I want Nick Carter so bad. And you always know when he's singing because his voice is just a tad scratchy.

Am I allowed to double space in these? I just wonder. It maight get hard to read if its all one HUGE paragraph. A bunch of paragraphs is more my style. Something tells me the people at this site are a little ridiculous. I saw a few goth diaries linked as ''recently updated'' on the front page. How QUAINT. I don't wanna read about some goth's Marilyn Manson recent poster aquisitions. There was a great article in the Onion ( that was all about Marilyn Manson traveling to suburban America and trying to scare people because he is jealous that Eminem is the new #1 enemy. No one gave a FUCK about his, even when he stood there covered in sheep endtrails. It's so fucking true. That Columbine shit is just outdated.

Shooting a bunch of people, on the other hand, has not gone out of style. that's still cool. I predict more of that going on in 2001. Especially with all this GW Bush White House antics. I agreed with one of my colleagues that he should have been shot, but then I thought about it. The chain of command would just keep shifting to one or another republican, until someone who actually knew what he was doing got into office, and then we'd all be fucked. At least GW is too stupid to totally ruin this country on purpose. When he does it, it will be accidental. Like ''Oops, I accidentally pushed the red button. Now Russia's gonna bomb our ass.'' Just think what would have happened if GW was in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Go see 13 days if you havent already. It'll really make you think. I think I should make a remake of that film, a comedy, with Will Ferrel from SNL playing GW as the president, or get GW to do it himself, he's good at reading cue cards. Katharine Harris could play Ken Costner's part.

Oh, and one more thing: we need to start a campaign against '''' because they are censoring JKCinema, the mail AND the BBS.

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